Monday, April 6, 2009

The meaning of life (I)

I used to party allot. And every other night I drink or smoke or something myself to oblivion I found the meaning of life but always forget to write it down. Well, not always - once, drunk as a sailor, I set out to prove the genius of my nightly diatribes and I wrote some on paper. Needless to say, the next morning, it was hard to say what was more painful, the headache or the shame of reading the proof of my stupor glossolalia.
Anyway, I stop drinking alcohol after one night, while in a club, I took a cab and went home to move my car to a safer parking lot because it had a broken window (nothing unusual, every other week they would broke the passenger window an steal the GPS). Moved the car (5.30 AM) and went back to party. Next morning (afternoon really) woke up in a friend house, took a cab home, see no car, went to the police and report the car stolen...
Still I get these "epiphanies" late at night, somewere between reading and sleeping. For your delight, here are the latest:
1. I know how to best describe the shit I'm in: I live in a town that has no McDonalds!
2. It should be illegal to have both GNOME and KDE at the same time on a computer. After initial "KDE feaver" with desktop effects, transparency and all, yesterday I almost decided to move back to GNOME because it's cleaner and faster. Less than 12 hours later I'm reluctantly back to KDE because NetBeans 6.5 looks awfull in GNOME - cluttered, full of strange artefacts, plain ugly.
Both desktop environments are quite ok on their on and any flaws will be disregarded in absence of imediate comparison. Yet having them both only get's you in an endless dilema with the sole result that you end up hating either one of them.

Friday, April 3, 2009

How about some real worries?!

Last night on National Geographic I understand why we are going down as fast as we are. I saw a lady that was a "Lion-Human Conflict Specialist"! Common people! Do we really need occupations like "lion-human conflict specialist" or "frog leap motivational speaker" or "elephant dump odour officer"?!
Did we sort out all our problems and really have nothing else to worry about than lion-human conflict? Why don't you drop me a line and I'll sort out the conflict for you: lions eat people. It's that simple. We don't need a full time job for that.
Here I say it: I don't give a rat's ass about the whales on brink of extinction as long as we have every 5 seconds a child dying of hunger (count to five to see what that means). From over 800 million people that die of hunger every year I trust there will be a child that, if we really need them, will genetically engineer a herbivore lion.
If you really don't know what to do with your time and/or money help that child to survive and get an education. It might grow up to invent a really efficient way to cure rejection complex so all the ecologist teenagers could get a real life, stop "saving" the lions and save themselves from chronic virginity.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Friday, March 27, 2009

Finally on the mark?

I often thought I can make a brilliant "bankruptcy consultant". It would work like this: monitor what brands/products I like and you'll know who's going to go down soon. Let me give you a few examples:
Saab - first bought by GM, now a few steps from closing
Maserati - saved at the last breath by Fiat (now they are doing ok-ish but I don't fancy them as much as before - they became too pretentious)
Rothmans - I smoke Rothmans since 1992 and now only some 2% of restaurants that sell cigarettes have them.
Akay - almost dead and buried
Jungans(whatches) - bouht one 10 yrs ago as "the wach" now they make quartz chinese-like movements. Only a few months ago I used to say "If all goes well next year I'll buy myself an Audemars Piguet". Since it didn't go well, there's no way I can afford one anymore so they might escaped the "Luca curse" :D.
Boss - "No1" was the only perfume I used to buy. They don't make it anymore.
The list can go forever and don't even get me started on music! Who knows/still listens/remembers Sinead OConnor, Keith Jarrett, Zakir Husain, Dresden Dolls, Camille, Brian Eno, K's Choice, Anouar Brahem...?!
So it seems I have a innate tallent to pick loosers (like me?!).
Whell, it might be that this time, with Fedora, things are different. Here is a guy that takes piece by piece the next releases of Fedora and Ubuntu and came to this conclusion:
"...considering the differences - Fedora 11 seems to be a full 6 months ahead of Ubuntu. Most of the features included in Fedora 11 now (gnome-media, faster boot, KMS, Plymouth, Firefox 3.1, Thunderbird 3, OpenOffice 3.1, etc) are planned only in Ubuntu 9.10."
Read the full comparison here.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm officially depressive

Proof? Here it is: my own American Beauty flying bag witch I stared thoughtless for almost 3 minutes. Ha ha ha.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fire.FM rules almost as much as MeHead

I love Jose Enrique Bolanos. I love him so much that if I'll be a big tited blonde I'll give him a fellatio every morning (I'm a fat strait male so no luck Jose). Still, Jose Enrique Bolanos and Jorge Villalobos created Fire.FM witch is the greatest Firefox add-on ever. It plays from LastFM while sitting unintrusive down in the status bar. As I said on the Firefox page: after napster was killed by Corporate America music on the internet wasn't the same. Until LastFM and
This little addon it's my new "how did I lived without this before". Like GSM, microwave and Google. What more could I ask from Jose?! Nothing really, yet he gave me more: In a replay for a user on the review list said that "middle mouse click opens a link in a new tab". It's true! My darkest ctrl+clik days are over. Now, tnx to Jose, I listen to "The Bad Plus" and browse truly in style. Thank You Jose Enrique Bolanos.
I'm microns away to write my second ever fan mail. The first one was sent at the guys that gave me a new meaning for inteligent humor: (their site is "not over" but I put a sample of their impecable work here).

OSBC2009 - Welcome Video

OSBC2009 - Welcome Video from Matt Asay on Vimeo.