Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fire.FM rules almost as much as MeHead

I love Jose Enrique Bolanos. I love him so much that if I'll be a big tited blonde I'll give him a fellatio every morning (I'm a fat strait male so no luck Jose). Still, Jose Enrique Bolanos and Jorge Villalobos created Fire.FM witch is the greatest Firefox add-on ever. It plays from LastFM while sitting unintrusive down in the status bar. As I said on the Firefox page: after napster was killed by Corporate America music on the internet wasn't the same. Until LastFM and Fire.fm.
This little addon it's my new "how did I lived without this before". Like GSM, microwave and Google. What more could I ask from Jose?! Nothing really, yet he gave me more: In a replay for a user on the review list said that "middle mouse click opens a link in a new tab". It's true! My darkest ctrl+clik days are over. Now, tnx to Jose, I listen to "The Bad Plus" and browse truly in style. Thank You Jose Enrique Bolanos.
I'm microns away to write my second ever fan mail. The first one was sent at the guys that gave me a new meaning for inteligent humor: www.mehead.com (their site is "not over" but I put a sample of their impecable work here).

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