Friday, March 27, 2009

Finally on the mark?

I often thought I can make a brilliant "bankruptcy consultant". It would work like this: monitor what brands/products I like and you'll know who's going to go down soon. Let me give you a few examples:
Saab - first bought by GM, now a few steps from closing
Maserati - saved at the last breath by Fiat (now they are doing ok-ish but I don't fancy them as much as before - they became too pretentious)
Rothmans - I smoke Rothmans since 1992 and now only some 2% of restaurants that sell cigarettes have them.
Akay - almost dead and buried
Jungans(whatches) - bouht one 10 yrs ago as "the wach" now they make quartz chinese-like movements. Only a few months ago I used to say "If all goes well next year I'll buy myself an Audemars Piguet". Since it didn't go well, there's no way I can afford one anymore so they might escaped the "Luca curse" :D.
Boss - "No1" was the only perfume I used to buy. They don't make it anymore.
The list can go forever and don't even get me started on music! Who knows/still listens/remembers Sinead OConnor, Keith Jarrett, Zakir Husain, Dresden Dolls, Camille, Brian Eno, K's Choice, Anouar Brahem...?!
So it seems I have a innate tallent to pick loosers (like me?!).
Whell, it might be that this time, with Fedora, things are different. Here is a guy that takes piece by piece the next releases of Fedora and Ubuntu and came to this conclusion:
"...considering the differences - Fedora 11 seems to be a full 6 months ahead of Ubuntu. Most of the features included in Fedora 11 now (gnome-media, faster boot, KMS, Plymouth, Firefox 3.1, Thunderbird 3, OpenOffice 3.1, etc) are planned only in Ubuntu 9.10."
Read the full comparison here.

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