Wednesday, February 25, 2009

First steps

My former girlfriend came by to bring me a useless present (a telescope). She thinks she's still in love with me because she can't understand why I left her. I feel somehow sorry for her but I'm not compromising only to get us both suffer later.

As my future goes, I started to read about software development. I liked this: "Open source avoids the biggest barrier to entering the software industry: marketing and sales. Open source needs no sales and marketing budget, only a good development leader, quality software and word of mouth for adoption." Full text here.

I plan to read as much as I can tomorrow and over the weekend so Monday I'll be able to formulate a coherent set of objectives and some kind of timeframe. Right now I don't even know what question should I ask myself (apart from "how to muster courage to jump from brigde?"). Are there such things as freelance software developers? How many specialities are in "programming"? It depends on the language used (C++ or Java) or in the final destination of the code (game or network protocol). How do one gets in a open source team. What cridentials are needed? I'm pretty sure I'll be laughing in a few month at this stupid questions...

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