Saturday, February 28, 2009

Improved display drivers for Fedora

Seems things will look good in the next release of Fedora:

"Enabled by default on Fedora 11 will be Intel kernel mode-setting (along with the ATI kernel mode-setting that can already be found in Fedora 10). More on this is also available from the Fedora Wiki. ATI kernel mode-setting has been enabled since Fedora 10, but in Leonidas the support will be extended to support KMS on ATI R100/200 hardware.

Kernel mode-setting allows for a nice, flicker-free boot process with the Plymouth project, fast VT switching, improved suspend and resume support, and other benefits. Kernel mode-setting is also a prerequisite for running the Wayland Display Server."

Full text here

My, I'm happy with the display drivers as they are in Fedora 10. Worked out of the box.

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