Friday, February 27, 2009


This morning I woke up with a huge (or at least stiff :D) erection and I realised this is going to be a problem. My mom lives in an 20.000 people small town where everybody knows everybody so right now I'm her darkest secret - "My woderfully successful son had a 15 years career in the press and now lives with me, unemployed..." - this just doesn't cut it at the local grocery store. Even if this wouldn't be the case, I know that if I'll start going out in this town (or any other), in 3 months max i'll be the "village drunk" and never get back to my feet again.
So going out it's, well... out. I'm left with good old jerking off or some kind of utopic exercise program (ha, ha, if you'll know me you'll laugh as hard as I do at this ideea)
I miss weed. With no money and probably no dealer in town it's going to be another "things I used to to"

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