Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Recap day 6

All my life has been a obstinate daily struggle to avoid the conclusion that I'm an imbecile. Lately my weapons are getting blunt, my self-esteem armour shatters and my will to fight slips away in face of the overwhelming power of evidence.
I'm reading a book called "Java in 21 days". At firs I said "I'll do it in 7". Now, 5 days later, at day 6, I'm getting a day off for recap because last night I've started to read only the words without understanding anything. And whatever you might think reading my so-called English was not because of language issues.
I'm down to Lennie Tristano witch is only a step away from Keith Jarrett / The Koln Concert - the bottom of musical depression in my charts. Speaking of music, I hate that lastFm doesn't work and I'm afraid to search google to find that I have to "yum - shit" than "su bash some more shit I don't understand" All the good intentions and high moral standards of Fedora and others pales when you're deprived of music. Like this for example:

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