Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Linux support is better

Why is it better? Because one asking say "My mouse it's not working in Fedora" will never get the infamous "It seem to be a problem with your mouse, please contact your wall socket vendor"
You get honest answers, human answer, like "Dunno", "Go away", "Fuck you", "Go there and read". I prefer this any day over the lines learned by heart by some idiot in a support centre whose job is to get rid of me as fast as possible without telling me anything. If I ever go into politics I'll have my speeches written by a guy from a phone line.
More over, since installing linux you already made a statement about what you are ("I'm willing to learn something new"), the experience of going through forum threads to find that others have the same problem will actually be positive, we'll make you feel you're not alone. In opposition, with commercial products, where you get to forums as a last resort when you are already angry so, reading endless posts of "I have the same problem", will only get you even more frustrated and revengeful.
And lastly, you get a decent option of "Up yours! I have 2 university degrees, so treat me like I don't know command line code not like I'm a retard". In a corporate support centre you don't get this option because your interlocutor IS a retard so it wouldn't be a fair argument.

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