Friday, March 6, 2009

My briliant plan works perfectly!

At least the part about insanity. I managed to get fired from volunteer work!
It's not necessary surprising, just amusing. I'm smiling through this madness because I don't give a shit any more. Yesterday I went to Bucharest to finalize the sale of my office and I bought a huge LCD TV. I wonder what miracle happened so I didn't drop it out the back of the car or install it facing the wall.
I'm so out of sinc with everything that I keep having deja-vu's. Reminds me of "Adam and Eve" - a novel (Rebreanu?) about an impossible love repeated in it's tragedy throughout multiple reincarnations. I hope it's my way to cope, not the start of some mystic phase or grand epiphany. I still need to think that people can control their destiny. I'm not ready (yet) to give up and blame everything on fate. I'll be a little longer the small lab rat that tries everyday to take over the world. The delusion of The Brain and his little help Pinky it's still more appealing than fanatic faith and bigotry.

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